Whenwhat instructions

This app will help you to prepare emails for followupthen, a free and easy email reminder service.
First, make sure your phone is set up to send emails. If not, go to iPhone settings and add an email account. Check the faq for instructions on how to set up email.
buy milk
Step 1: Enter subject of reminder, for example “Buy milk”, “Return books to library” or “Renew cat insurance”.
Step 2: Tap anywhere outside of the text field to choose a time or go directly to step 3 for an immediate reminder. You can schedule the reminder with a certain delay, for example 5 hours or 2 weeks, or on a specific day, for example next Wednesday. You can also tap custom to select any time and date. If you select pending you will receive a list of all pending reminders.

follow upsend

Step 3: Tap follow up and then Send
Finished! An email will remind you at the selected time. If it is the first time you use the service of followupthen, you will get a welcome message that asks you to verify your email address. Please check your inbox for this welcome message and follow the verification instructions.
You will also get a confirmation email for every reminder you schedule. These confirmations can be turned off at followupthen.com.
Please note that this app is in no way affiliated with followupthen, but it does require their excellent service. Read more about them at followupthen.com